american spirit

New Florida Girl's


How far offshore are we going?

The length of the trip dictates how far out you will travel. A 4 hour trip will be anywhere from 8 - 10 miles out but a 6 hour trip will be 15 + miles out.

How deep are the waters that we will be fishing in?

There is a lot of factors that determine how deep of waters you will be fishing in. Some of these factors include the length of the trip, the type of structure that is at the bottom of the ocean, and where the captain decides to fish.

what should i wear?

Expect to get stinky and dirty during your fishing trip. You'll be reeling in fish so fast you'll be wiping those baity hands on your clothes just get back down in the ocean to catch another one!

do i need to bring food?

Leave that tedious top pack, heavy cooler at home! We have a fully stocked galley with breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages available for you to purchase.

i don't know if i get sea sick, should i still take dramamine?

It would be wise to take dramamine if you aren't sure if you get sea sick or not. Take one dramamine the night prior to your fishing trip and than another an hour before you board the vessel. Taking dramamine the night before is proven to to work more efficiently.

what kind of fish will we be catching?

Our target fish are vermilion snapper, various species of porgies, lane snapper, and amberene. When in season we do fish for red snapper and trigger fish. We also catch the occasional red grouper, gag grouper, king mackerel, or wahoo. 

what if i just want my group on the boat?

To find out more information for a private charter aboard the American Spirit, New Florida Girl, Suzie Q, or Passing Time please call our office at 850-837-1293.

what time should i arrive?

Please arrive 15 - 30 minutes prior to departure. 

how much should i tip the mates? 

15 to 20% customary.

​Do I get to keep my fish?

Yes, you can keep the fish you catch as long as it's in season and legal size limit. After the boat docks, the mates take the fish down to the cleaning table to be cleaned, cut, and bagged just for you.

Are rod and reels, bait, and tackle provided?

Yes, they are included in your ticket price.


what type of bait will we be fishing with?

Squid and Boston Mackerel. The mates will cut the bait for you prior to the first stop.